Our Values

Since our founding more than 20 years ago, our core values have remained constant:

Respect to the Rights and the law

Not to touch anything that they are not entitled to , and to consent what they deserve.

Transparency and accountability

Being transparent in all of their commercial and social acvities and to give account for any of their actions and behaviors.

Determination and decisiveness

To continue on their track with determination and courage despite of the challenges they encountered.

Being Fair and Savory

Being honest and having respect to anybody, with whom they have a relationship; having respect to ethic values; preserving our objective manner.

Tolerance and Sympathy

To improve social harmony by approaching to different ideas, opinions, and behaviors with tolerance and sympathy without any prejudice unless they do not damage our values and do not threat our existence, and to give value to human.


Being consistent in their values, expressions, and behaviors

Unity, Integrity

Being “we” together with their employees, customers, suppliers, and partners.

Being aware of social responsibilities

Contributing to economic , social, and environmental development while being aware of their social responsibilities


Creating LOYALTY trust both in their employees and in their customers and to move towards future with the support of this trust.


You can be a very important company, you can reach to very important positions, you can be very reach but you may not be very valuable. For this purpose, they want to achieve success by having their own values. They do not accept any success achieved without complying with ethical values such as honesty and justice. They believe that SUCCESS lies in combining the determination with honest, and the love with intelligence without making any concession from their values.

Working since 2000

We are leader in
Container and Prefab Work

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