Flat Rack Containers

Flat Rack Containers are a type of specialized containers having walls only at the short end of the container. This is why these containers are employed when the cargo needs to be loaded from the top or sides due to different dimensions or abnormal loads.

They are majorly used for shipping heavy or bulky cargo such as machinery, timber, pipes, buses, boats, etc. – which don’t fit inside standard containers and stick out through open sides.

Flat rack containers come in the standard 20ft or 40ft sizes. They are manufactured from steel with softwood flooring. A go-to choice for freight forwarders, flat racks are great for transporting heavy cargo which is difficult to load from the front gate.

The new generation of flat rack containers is capable of accommodating loads of up to 40,000 – 50,000 kilograms with uniform distribution of the load. Although this makes it possible to load the above-mentioned goods, they usually take up a single place on a container ship. Due to the dimensions of the cargo or its weight, stacking is not possible.

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