Hard Top Containers

Hard top containers are very similar to open containers with the difference being a detachable steel roof instead of a tarpaulin sheet. The roof of a hard top container has points through which a forklift can lift the roof. As seen with the previous containers, this design allows for easy loading/unloading of specific types of cargo.

Hard Top Containers are a specialized version of general dry containers. The major difference between a normal ISO container and a hard top container is that the latter has a removable roof due to which the door header can be pivoted outside – which makes it fairly easier to load and unload the cargo through forklift.

They are majorly used for shipping heavy to very heavy cargo which needs to be loaded through roof opening or door side. It can be used as a general cargo container, as well as an open-top container.

Contrary to its name, the hard top containers have a removable roof which makes the movement of cargo inside the container easier. It is made of corrugated steel and the floor is made of wood for reducing friction. Most of the hard top containers have rings on the roof for accommodating forklift trucks, so it can be detached smoothly using forklifts. The weight of the roof is approximately 450 kg.

The best part about hard top containers is that in case the cargo height is more than the container height, the detachable roof can be lashed on the sidewall inside the container – thus, converting it to an open top container. That is why freight forwarders and shippers prefer purchasing hard top containers, which can be easily converted into open tops or used as a standardized container, as per the requirements.

Just like standard ISO containers, hard-top come in 20’ and 40’ dimensions. They can also be found in high-cube dimensions.

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