Open Top Containers

Open-top containers, as the name suggests, have an open top. The roof of the container is covered with tarpaulin sheets instead of a solid roof. That way it can be covered or left open according to convenience.

The container is made of steel with wooden flooring and the door heads can be swung open for easy loading and unloading. They’re usually in the sizes of 20-feet and 40-feet containers.

Open top containers are used when cargo is too large to be in a regular shipping container. For instance, machinery or heavy materials that cannot be stowed sideways but arranged from the top through heavy-lifting cranes. These containers have larger capacities than the normal ones as the roof is open.

Open top containers are special containers and there are not that many of them around in the system. That also means that they often are more expensive in container trading.

Almost everything can be shipped in containers. But for that to be possible we need containers that can carry the weight and different sizes of the cargo, that needs to be shipped.

For instance, a 20ft container can, in theory, be loaded to a maximum weight of around 28 tonnes. The same goes for a 20ft open top container. However, the maximum payload of a container varies from owner to owner.

Some of the common items loaded in an open-top are pipes, cables, construction materials, machinery, and bulky raw materials.

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